Agnone Cilento Mare

Agnone Cilento

Agnone Cilento is the country where we are: a small seaside village that borders a sea, European blue flag for the cleanliness of their waters.

A bike ride will take you to Agnone Cilento in just two minutes. Here you can spend a nice day on the beach choosing the sandy beach near the marina where there are bars and restaurants ideal for a light meal or a drink. Or, if you prefer pebbles and rocks, the nearby capital, reached along the picturesque waterfront, will be a pleasant surprise.

The Marina is also the nerve centre of the country, is taking place here all events, festivals and holidays in the country and this is a must even for a simple evening stroll.

Agnone Cilento is the country with the highest concentration of fishermen: we will guide you from our trusted fisherman to buy fresh fish!

The restaurants offer cuisine using local ingredients such as fresh fish, olives, dented the cilento figs and many other delicacies.

What to do in Agnone Cilento during the holidays? Besides the beaches, the sea and the table you can occasionally make a walk in the countryside inland or a boat trip. Renting a boat is easy and cheap. Just do this to our family and we’ll show you how to do it.


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